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Take your digital transformation to the next level with Microsoft

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of low-code development tools that enables citizens and professionals to create custom applications rich in business logic and automate workflows.

Low-Code Development

Power Apps offers a low-code platform that allows users to build custom business applications quickly and easily, without requiring extensive coding knowledge or experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Power Apps supports cross-platform development, enabling users to build and deploy applications across multiple devices and operating systems.


Power Apps integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools and services, as well as third-party applications, allowing users to automate workflows, connect data sources, and streamline business processes.

Power Apps: Key Features

Useful Integrations for Power Apps

  • Power BI– to build applications in Power Apps that offer diverse reports and dashboards.
  • Power Automate– to create logic in Power Automate for workflow automation in Power Apps.
  • SharePoint – to extract and store data from SharePoint lists, libraries or OneDrive in Power Apps and create apps directly from a SharePoint list.

Power Apps Use Cases

Workflow management

Financial management

Cost control

Inventory management

Configure price quote

Asset management

HR management


Inspection and audit management

Project management

Scheduling and booking management

Benefits of Power Apps*


speed of UI development of simple apps due to drag-and-drop app designer

* from the Total Economic Impact™ study on Power Apps by Forrester


average costs of app development due to using app templates and ready components like forms and views