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Document Automation System


We reduce your company's financial losses by organizing and automating all your documents with artificial intelligence.

Microsoft 365 native

The solution developed in Microsoft ecosystem based on SharePoint Online which is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates natively with Microsoft Office.

AI Based

AI-based conversion of scanned/imported documents into searchable/readable documents and extracting data from them into intelligent templates (Machine learned based) using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

No Extra Licence Needed

The application will work if you have Office 365 E1/E2/E3/ F3 /A1/A3/A5, Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Business Standard/Business Premium /F3/E3/E5, or any Dynamics 365 licenses.


Traditional Documentation Administration

We live in a developed country where time is very valuable to us. Many of our working days have not yet undergone a digital transformation, and our companies' activities are still carried out manually or on paper.
Imagine the document approval process in medium and large companies. During a normal working day, time and energy are wasted on company resources (time, budget, and staff) to approve incoming invoices, check contracts, and do other document work. Large numbers of documents/incoming invoices that are needed extra manual work increase the risk of fraud by approving fake documents, fraudulent invoices, and more. The process causes huge financial losses to the company. Repetitive, time-consuming, and tedious tasks performed during a manual process also increase the risk of human error.

Our Solution


Right now, automation of administrative document processes based on artificial intelligence is the only possible solution to the problem. Many document automation software is available today, all intending to reduce damage costs and human error while increasing performance.
Given that the majority of non-governmental actors (private companies) and also some governmental actors in Sweden use and rely on Microsoft products, including Microsoft 365, DIDITRA AB has developed a documentation automation system within the Microsoft ecosystem so that end users experience the highest level of security with resources managed by Microsoft and save a lot of license fees and costs to use a robust documentation automation solution.

Security problem for companies

According to If's annual entrepreneur survey, fraudulent invoices are the most common safety problem or incidents that have affected entrepreneurs. Scam invoices came in first place of total incidents, corresponding to almost one in three (30 percent).

Use case

DAS Accounting

To enhance the document lifecycle, DAS has been adapted to meet the needs of different industries to meet their needs. Invoices are an inherent part of any business, manufacturing, or service. Additionally, invoicing is a difficult task, especially when it is done manually. It is surprising to find that most businesses still use manual invoice processing around the world.The manual or paper-based processing of invoices results in unnecessary costs and decreases efficiency. Paper invoice processing is wasteful for the following reasons: It is labor intensive, has a high chance of errors, and is difficult to monitor. In the following example, you can see how we have adapted DAS so that it can be used to interpret invoices.

About Fortnox

Fortnox (publ) is a business platform that connects people, companies, and organizations. Fortnox helps companies start, grow and develop. With smart technical products, solutions, and services and the opportunity to connect them with hundreds of external parties, Fortnox is a hub for business in Sweden.

Fortnox integration

How to connect

Depending on the implementation scenario (if you choose that we implement DAS on your behalf in our Microsoft 365 tenant or prefer it implements on your company’s Microsoft 365 tenant), we will request you authenticate the connection to your Fortnox one time on the Microsoft Power Automate environment.

Authorizing will be done by your administrator in the desired device with the help of remote connection tools like TeamViewer. As mentioned above, the whole process will be done in the Microsoft Power Automate platform. All authorization data will be collected securely by Microsoft and stored directly on Microsoft’s servers in the Azure environment. We will not have access to any code, password, or token because Microsoft, NOT we, will manage everything.

Requirements for integration

All users who intend to use the DAS must have one of the following licenses: 365 E1/E2/E3/ F3 /A1/A3/A5, Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Business Standard/Business Premium /F3/E3/E5, or any Dynamics 365 licenses.

Every 8 hours (Starting 4:00 UTC +01:00 time zone), DAS will collect the latest changes in Projects, Cost centers, and Suppliers and update the information on the system. It is one-way synchronization.

Please remember that the registration of new suppliers and vouchers will directly occur in Fortnox.

DIDITRA DAS will exchange data with the following scopes from your Fortnox: Archive, Supplier, Payments, Bookkeeping, Inbox, Project, File Connection , Cost Center